Dr. William T. Trevena

Chief Technology Officer




As the Chief Technology Officer at TOXEUS Systems, LLC, William Trevena brings a dynamic blend of technical expertise, leadership, and innovation to the forefront of cloud computing and optimization technologies. With a focus on empowering the software engineering team, William has established a culture of servant leadership and hands-on development at TOXEUS, guiding the team to excel in software and mathematical challenges.

Under his leadership, TOXEUS has achieved significant advancements in cloud architecture and software development, including the creation of the Toxeus Cloud Solver and its comprehensive ecosystem. This includes client-facing SDKs, the toxeus.org website, and a robust cloud infrastructure that encompasses client authentication, database management, and an efficient data pipeline. William’s dedication to continuous improvement and quality is evident in the implementation of CI/CD pipelines, application monitoring, and the development of proprietary algorithms that position TOXEUS at the leading edge of solving global optimization problems.

In addition to serving as the Chief Technology Officer at TOXEUS, William is a Ph.D. Candidate in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Florida, where he continues to hone his expertise in optimization, AI, and cloud computing. His academic foundation is supported by a BA/BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of San Diego. William’s diverse background also includes service as an Officer in the Florida Army National Guard and leadership experience as the CEO of HBN APP, Inc., where he demonstrated his capability to lead and innovate in challenging environments.

William’s approach to technology and leadership is not just about solving problems but about inspiring his team to push the boundaries of what is possible. His work at TOXEUS Systems, LLC, reflects a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the development of technologies that drive progress and efficiency.